new life deserves a beautiful world to grow up in

Noppies is the expert in maternity and children’s fashion in Europe. We’re there when pregnant women first dream about becoming a mother. We’re there when young boys and girls first start exploring the world on their own. It’s what makes us so much more than just a fashion brand. It puts us in the position where we can help shape future generations: their dreams, their ideas and the world they live in. Our philosophy on life, the stories we tell and the choices we make mean we can directly impact the world where these children live and grow up in. We believe we have a responsibility to make a positive difference in that world.

It’s our goal to create a Happy World for (future) parents and their children. Read more on how we do this.

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B Corp

NINE&Co., the parent company of Noppies, Supermom and Esprit for Mums, is a certified B Corporation and we are proud of it! Read about it here.