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Baby tights are easily combined with various outfits and are extremely practical. All girls need a few pairs of tights in their wardrobe!

Baby tights are easy because of the integrated socks. You'll never have a baby with chilly feet due to lost socks.
Whether you opt for a classic or more eye-catching style, tights are always suitable!

Baby tights are a great gift too, combined with a baby dress or skirt. The new parents may not even have thought about these items so they'll be especially delighted with their gift!

Noppies' baby tights

Are you looking for baby tights? In that case, you've come to the right address at Noppies. Noppies' baby tights are designed so that they always match the dresses, skirts and tunics in our collection. So you can easily find a great set.

Noppies' baby tights are made of soft fabrics and are available in single colours and contemporary prints. Alternate and combine different tights with the same dress to create two different outfits without buying a new dress. Noppies' baby tights are available in sizes: 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80 and 92.

Order baby tights online

At Noppies, you can buy lovely baby tights quickly and easily. Do you have a question about a product or your order? Our friendly service department is available from Monday to Friday.

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