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    Lingerie Guide

    Noppies Maternity Essentials



    Lingerie Guide

    Noppies Maternity Essentials

  2. Noppies
    Nursing bra padded Honolulu - Black
  3. Noppies
    Unpadded nursing bra Gayla - Olive
  4. Noppies
    Unpadded nursing bra Mira - Olive
  5. Noppies
    Unpadded nursing bra Gayla - Burlwood
  6. Noppies
    Unpadded nursing bra Mira - Black
  7. Noppies
    Unpadded nursing bra Mira - Night
  8. Noppies
    Unpadded nursing bra Mira - Burlwood
  9. Noppies
    Unpadded nursing bra Gayla - Black
  10. Noppies
    Unpadded nursing bra Gayla - Night
  11. Noppies
    Nursing bra seamless - White
    26.99 32.99
  12. Noppies
    Nursing bra seamless - Natural
    26.99 32.99
  13. Noppies
    Nursing bra seamless - Black
    26.99 32.99
  14. Noppies
    Nursing bra padded Mesh - Black
    39.99 49.99
  15. Noppies
    Nursing bra padded Micro Lace - Dark Blue
    22.99 44.99
  16. Noppies
    Nursing bra padded Wireless - Black
    19.99 39.99
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When you're pregnant, you need a bra that is specifically designed for your body's physical changes during pregnancy and afterwards. You'll find a maternity bra with a great fit in the Noppies range. From vital basics to stylish bras with lace or pretty designs. Noppies maternity lingerie is sexy, functional and comfortable. 

Noppies maternity bras

Noppies' range of maternity lingerie includes various maternity bras. Choose from a maternity bra with secure, flexible clips, padded nursing bra with nursing clips, maternity bras with wide straps for extra support and bras that will grow with your changing shape. They offer support and are made of soft materials that provide a comfortable fit. Every pregnancy bra can be matched up with pants, shorts or a thong. Make endless combinations with Noppies maternity bras.

The Noppies sizing table provides further information about measurements per cup size. Maternity bras are available in cup sizes B, C, D, E, F and G. Need additional information? Please contact our friendly service department. 

Expanding bra - up to two cup sizes

Some maternity bras are designed to grow with your changing body during pregnancy and afterwards. The expanding bra incorporates nursing clips so that
you can easily breastfeed your baby. The seamless materials and smart designs allow the bra to expand by up to two cup sizes as your body grows.

Honolulu maternity bra

The Honolulu maternity bra is a simple but perfect basic which is incredibly comfortable and comes in various colours. The maternity bra is padded, with secure and flexible clips, wide straps for additional support and handy nursing clips. The smooth material means you can wear this bra under any shirt and you can complete the look with matching pants. The Honolulu bra will fit perfectly throughout your pregnancy and afterwards. 

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