Baby shirt

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Incredibly versatile, practical and an absolute must-have; that's what baby shirts are all about. There is a suitable baby shirt for every occasion.

Baby shirts come in a huge range of designs. With short sleeves, long sleeves, v-necks, a print or just in a single colour. Comfortable baby shirts are a basic item for the newborn. A baby shirt is worn over a romper and sometimes under a cardigan, dress or playsuit.

When buying baby shirts, make sure you take the 'mess-factor' into account. You may need several per day at times!

When shopping for baby, make sure you have enough clothes in sizes 56 and 62 before you give birth. You can buy other sizes (68, 74, 80) later and you may find you receive lots of gifts in these sizes.

Are you buying a gift for someone who has just had a baby? Then choose size 62. The brand-new parents will usually buy and receive gifts in size 56 so they'll be delighted with anything in size 62.

Noppies' baby shirts

Noppies' baby shirts are easily combined and come in a range of designs. Something for everyone! Bright accent colours alternate with basic colours such as white, grey, dark blue and pink. Fancy something a bit more exciting? Then go for one of the many prints. Cute hearts for girls and funky maritime figures for boys.

Combine a uni-colour long-sleeve with a great dress or denim trousers, or opt for a fancy, printed baby shirt in combination with simple baby leggings.

Our baby shirts are easy to put on and take off and are made of soft, comfortable materials. Press-studs at the neck allow the head to pass through easily so dressing and undressing is a piece of cake. Noppies baby shirts are available in the range 50,56,62,68,74,80 and 86.

Noppies baby shirts are great quality. Soft material for comfort and excellent colour retention after multiple washes!

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