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Baby socks are vital for a newborn baby. Not all babies can regulate their temperatures so it is important that their clothes keep them as warm as possible.

Baby socks ensure that your baby doesn't lose too much heat from his feet. If you are shopping for your baby, you are advised to buy plenty of baby socks. You'll need them every day!

Baby socks comes in all sorts of colours and pretty prints. So you can match the socks with your baby's outfit.

Noppies' baby socks

Noppies baby socks are well known for staying put on your baby's feet. Whereas other socks soon slide off or end up at the bottom of the sleeping bag or buggy, Noppies baby socks always stay on.

Noppies has baby socks in a number of basic colours and every season the collection includes a modern colour and a print. Noppies always uses the very softest materials for its baby socks.

Order baby socks online

At Noppies, you can buy great baby socks quickly and easily. 

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