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Perhaps the most popular item in our maternity range. Stylish and comfortable tights are vital in your maternity wardrobe. The supportive fit, firm belly band and top quality materials make Noppies maternity tights a firm favourite. Noppies maternity tights fit perfectly from month one to nine and can also be used once you've given birth. 

Type of maternity tights

If you want great see-through tights, then you need 15 denier. These are generally the most popular variety for a special occasion. Combine with a stylish maternity skirt or dress to create a party outfit in the blink of an eye.
If you want a bit more cover for your legs, you'll need 40 denier. These maternity tights will complete your work outfit. The 60 denier is ideal for winter days. Just a bit thicker and also much warmer. The tights don't differ in terms of fit; they are always comfortable. 

Maternity tights sizing

With Noppies, you can simply continue to wear your regular size. The comfortable design and choice of materials allow our maternity tights to grow with your body. They incorporate firmer sections across the belly, toes and heels for additional comfort. If you're still not sure of size, check out Noppies sizing table in the webshop. 

Buy Noppies maternity tights

Every woman has at least one pair of great tights in her wardrobe. They are useful with so many different outfits. At Noppies, you can order your maternity tights quickly and easily online. Noppies maternity collection  is regularly updated with new maternity tights. But the fit is always the same, making shopping even easier.

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