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Children's jeans are a genuine must-have! You can never have enough and they are available in various types, sizes and colours.

Jeans could well be the most frequently bought item for children. They are worn day-in, day-out. Jeans for school need to be comfortable, hard-wearing and accommodate movement. They should also look great after lots of washing.

Prefer some smarter jeans? Take a look at the wash and fit. Jeans with a nice, dark blue wash, without too much detailing, are the perfect outfit for a meal out or a party.

When buying jeans, please check the measurements, fit and fabric. Stretch jeans, for example, are much better for playtime and skinny jeans are a little smarter for a party.

Children's jeans come in various designs. Naturally, three are children's jeans specifically for girls and boys. But there are also other design differences. There are slim-fit children's jeans and looser children's jeans (with a wider fit). You may also want to choose a more distinct wash. Or how about trendy worn-look jeans for boys or a pretty, bleached design for girls?

Noppies' children's jeans

Noppies children's jeans are exclusive and will be treasured for their softness and comfortable fit. Noppies children's jeans also incorporate an adjustable waistband. So the jeans don't drop down and your child will look well turned-out even with out a belt.

At Noppies we understand that children don't want to wear stiff denim. So we create children's jeans in the very softest fabrics. Your children's jeans will feel like soft jogging bottoms. Perfect!

Noppies children's jeans can be endlessly combined so why not go for a relaxed look with a simple long-sleeve and a cute cardigan. And if you want an outfit for a special occasion? Combine children's jeans with a lovely blouse or shirt. The options are endless!

Noppies children's jeans are available in sizes 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134 and 140.

Order children's jeans online

At Noppies, you can buy lovely children's jeans quickly and easily. 

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