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  1. Supermom
    Cardigan Clermont - Copper Brown
    41.99 59.99
  2. Noppies
    Cardigan Knox - Duck Green
  3. Supermom
    Cardigan Dunbar - Black
    38.99 54.99
  4. Noppies
    Cardigan Cecia - Sienna
  5. Noppies
    Cardigan Romee - Night
  6. Supermom
    Cardigan Duncan - Black
    45.99 64.99
  7. Noppies
    Cardigan Auburn - Violet Ice
  8. Noppies
    Cardigan Romee - Oatmeal
  9. Supermom
    Cardigan Foscoe - Living Coral
  10. Noppies
    Cardigan Formosa - Dark Forest
  11. Noppies
    Cardigan Romee - Olive
  12. Noppies
    Cardigan Cecia - Oatmeal
  13. Noppies
    Cardigan Cecia - Sage
  14. Noppies
    Cardigan Gilroy - Whitecap Gray
  15. Noppies
    Cardigan Espinal - Whitecap Gray
  16. Noppies
    Cardigan Romee - Burlwood
  17. Noppies
    Cardigan Cecia - Black
  18. Noppies
    Cardigan Formosa - Whitecap Gray
  19. Noppies
    Cardigan Rotan - Green gables
    62.99 89.99
  20. Noppies
    Cardigan Bekasi - Jet Stream
  21. Noppies
    Cardigan Genoa - Cedar Wood
    48.99 69.99
  22. Supermom
    Cardigan Broadway - RAS1203 Oatmeal Mel.
    41.99 59.99
  23. Noppies
    Cardigan Paia - Rainy Day
    62.99 89.99
  24. Noppies
    Cardigan Pittsboro - Deauville mauve
    38.99 54.99
  25. Noppies
    Cardigan Oracle - deep sea
    48.99 69.99
  26. Noppies
    Cardigan Pittsboro - Green gables
    38.99 54.99
  27. Noppies
    Cardigan Romee - Oatmeal
  28. Noppies
    Cardigan Knox - Turtledove
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A maternity cardigan is not only comfortable during your pregnancy, but should also be suitable once you've given birth. An indispensable piece for your maternity wardrobe. More comfortable than a blazer and easier to combine than a maternity jumper. Whether you go for a long cardigan, shorter cardigan or thick-knit cardigan, you'll always find the right combination for your outfit. Colour is always a priority in the Noppies, Esprit for mums and Supermom collections. You will easily find a cardigan found to go with your maternity top  or trousers. 

Noppies maternity cardigan

You'd really like a maternity cardigan that suits the season, of course. For spring a thinner weave cardigan with handy detailing and, in the winter, a coarse-knit cardigan that keeps you and baby nice and warm. The longer maternity cardigans are great for combining with a skirt or dress. The shorter cardigans are great with a dress or jumpsuit, without skimping on style.

Noppies maternity cardigans  are available in sizes xs, s, m, l, xl and xxl. Simply choose your regular size. The maternity cardigans are designed to provide plenty of room for growth. Made in soft materials, with handy detailing. Shopping for your regular size means you're not just shopping for your pregnancy but also once you've given birth. And you can get your money's worth from your Noppies purchase. 

Maternity cardigans once you've given birth

Once your little one has arrived, your maternity cardigan allows you to breastfeed easily. The loose-fit cardigans are ideal when you've just had your little one. Wear the maternity cardigan with a nursing shirt  to make breastfeeding easy. The loose fabric will keep your child nice and warm and also discretely cover your body when breastfeeding. 

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