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    Jeans Turlock - Every Day Grey
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    Jeans Tekamah - Aged Blue
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    Jeans Navoi - Medium Blue Wash
  4. Noppies
    Jeans Navoi - Mid Grey Denim
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    Jeans Tappan - Vintage Blue
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    Jeans Tower - Light Blue Denim
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    Jeans Jorlose - Mid Grey Denim
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    Jeans Lincoln - Medium Blue Denim
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    Jeans Sarai - Grey Denim
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    Jeans Marlton - Stone Used
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    Jeans New York - Medium Blue Wash
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    Jeans Mabscott - Mid Blue Denim
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    Jeans Jamsa - Mid Blue Denim
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Baby jeans are a real must-have for your little one. Baby jeans offer a welcome alternative to basic trousers and leggings for your newborn. Wearing baby jeans turns your baby into a little mini-me. Cute, funky and adorable; you've got everything covered with baby jeans!

Baby jeans come in various designs. Naturally, you have baby jeans specifically for girls and baby jeans for boys. But there are also other design differences. There are slim-fit baby jeans and loose baby jeans (with a wider fit). You may also want to choose a more distinct wash. How about some worn-look jeans for baby boys or cute bleached jeans for baby girls?

Baby jeans also make a great gift. Parents are often given ordinary trousers that are part of a set. Baby jeans are a great surprise and always very welcome. When choosing a gift for a newborn, go for size 62 or larger so that the parents can use the jeans for as long as possible. Parents may not be keen on baby jeans for their newborn.

Baby jeans at Noppies

Noppies baby jeans are exclusive and will be treasured for their softness. At Noppies, we understand that a baby won't enjoy wearing stiff denim. So we choose the softest jogging-jeans for your baby. Your baby's jeans will feel like soft jogging bottoms. Perfect!

Noppies baby jeans can be endlessly combined so why not go for a relaxed look with a simple long-sleeve and a cute cardigan. And if you want an outfit for a special occasion? Combine your baby jeans with a pretty baby blouse or shirt. The options are endless!

Order baby jeans online

At Noppies, you can buy great baby jeans quickly and easily.  Do you have a question about a product or your order? Our friendly service department is ready to help from Monday to Friday.

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