Baby blouse


Baby blouses are classics and are very versatile. There is a suitable baby blouse for every occasion.

Baby blouses are special because of the 'grown-up' look. Nothing is cuter than a mini-version of grown-up clothes. Baby blouses come in various designs. For the summer, you need a short-sleeve blouse or a light cotton design. In the winter, you need a long-sleeve design that can also be worn as a little 'jacket' at home.

When shopping for baby, make sure you have enough clothes in sizes 56 and 62 before you give birth. You can buy other sizes (68, 74, 80) later and you may find you receive lots of gifts in these sizes.

Are you buying a gift for someone who has just had a baby? Then choose size 62. The brand-new parents will usually buy and receive gifts in size 56 so they'll be delighted with anything in size 62.

Noppies baby blouse

On, you can find baby blouses in all colours and designs. There is something for everyone! Classic lumberjack prints sit alongside cute floral prints, or how about a little denim baby blouse? Funky but still soft and comfortable.

Little girls can wear a baby blouse as a tunic, combined with cute baby leggings. Bound to be a success!

Our baby blouses are easy to put on and take off and are made of soft, comfortable materials. Even the more heavy-duty designs don't feel stiff, but are lovely and soft and easy to wear. Noppies baby blouses are available in the range 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80 and 86.

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