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New baby clothes
We understand that shopping for your little one is even more fun than shopping for yourself. With every new season, when the new collections are in store, the temptation is hard to resist, especially with this cute new baby collection by Noppies. The soft materials and their comfy fit ensure a perfect fit for little ones and convenient details allow for easy dressing and changing. The baby clothes are made of luxurious materials and come in on-trend colours. Throughout the year, we regularly add new must-have items to the collection.

Baby clothes sizes
Littles ones grow fast and sometimes it is quite difficult to decide which size you should buy. At the start of each new season, you would ideally like to buy items that allow for growth, so you can enjoy using them for longer. Noppies ensures all collections are consistent in terms of size and has also developed a size chart to help you easily find online information on the size to fit your baby’s length and girth. Shop baby clothes in sizes 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80 and 86 online. In addition, our basic collection is available from size 44.

Washing new baby clothes
Baby clothes have to be changed much and washed frequently. We use high-quality luxurious fabrics and materials for our baby clothes. The labels in our clothes provide information on how to safely wash our items for prolonged life. New baby clothes may contain substances that irritate your baby’s skin. These substances are used during the production process, but are gone after you have washed the item once. That is why we always recommend pre-washing baby clothes before use.

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