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Trendy, stylish and with handy detailing. A nursing dress from Noppies makes breastfeeding that little bit easier without making any concessions to style. The handy details, such as the integrated top and turn-up means you can easily breastfeed your baby and keep your body covered. Noppies' nursing dresses are designed so that they fit perfectly during pregnancy and once your little one arrives. So you can get your money's worth from your Noppies purchase as the item adapts to fit your changing body shape. 

Noppies nursing dress

Simply select your regular size. The Noppies sizing table provides further information about the sizes and lengths of our nursing dresses. Smart designs and handy details mean the fit will be retained throughout every phase of your pregnancy. Nursing dresses are available in sizes xs to xxl.

From maxi dress to summer jersey dress. Noppies nursing dresses are available in all styles and lengths. So you'll have plenty of choice even after you've given birth. 

Buy nursing dresses online

A stylish dress that offers a little bit of extra comfort when you've just given birth is not a luxury. Order a nursing dress to suit you at Noppies online and enjoy the benefits in the comfort of your home.

If you still have questions about nursing dresses, or an order you've place with Noppies, please contact our friendly service department. Noppies has been an expert in maternity clothing for more than 20 years and the service department would be happy to help!