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Our mission

A little one. A new life. That definitely also equates to a new life for you. An adventure which no one could possibly ever prepare themselves for. And Noppies is right here for you throughout this journey of discovery, during which you’ll be confronted with so many different things you would never have stopped to think about before.

We enjoy making the lives of young parents just that little bit easier at Noppies. With smart products which feel gorgeously soft to the touch. Products of which you can be sure they were produced fairly and sustainably. And not just because it’s on trend right now, but simply because that’s all we’ve ever done. Every single little part of our being wants Noppies to be responsibly produced. For the people who produce our products and for the planet. After all, children deserve a beautiful world to grow up in.

We also help young parents by being realistic about parenting and by putting things into perspective. That’s about so much more than wanting to do everything perfectly all the time. We firmly believe this huge adventure will be made so much more fun if you can let go ever so slightly and fully enjoy that little one of yours.

We’ve adopted the same thought process at Noppies for the past 30 years: Can we do it any smarter? Can it be done any more fairly and sustainably? Which clothing will make pregnant ladies feel most comfortable and beautiful? What kind of things will young parents be confronted with? We listen, we learn and we observe. And we’ll subsequently translate whatever you need into details which will make all the difference. After all, when you look back in years to come, you’ll realise those little things made the biggest difference.

Noppies. All About The Little Things.

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