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    Jacket Kathleen - Reversible - Henna
  2. Noppies
    Winter jacket Nisse - Mixed
  3. Noppies
    Winter jacket Nispen - Phantom
  4. Noppies
    Winter jacket Nijland - Phantom
  5. Noppies
    Winter jacket Nijland - Dark Sapphire
  6. Noppies
    Winter jacket Neer - Jet Black
  7. Noppies
    Winter jacket Niftrik - Black Iris
  8. Noppies
    Winter jacket Niebert - Rabbit
  9. Noppies
    Winter jacket Nijega - Black Iris
  10. Noppies
    Winter jacket Nijega - Deep Depths
  11. Noppies
    Summer jacket Paducah - Reversible - Aragon
    48.99 69.99
  12. Noppies
    Summer jacket Parkin - Reversible - India Ink
    48.99 69.99
  13. Noppies
    Summer jacket Rendon - Reversible - India Ink
    48.99 69.99
  14. Noppies
    Summer jacket Ranger - Aegean Blue
    45.99 64.99
  15. Noppies
    Summer jacket Paoli - Aragon
    41.99 59.99
  16. Noppies
    Winter jacket Neerijnen - Black Iris
  17. Noppies
    Winter jacket Nurren - Black Iris
  18. Noppies
    Jacket Kilgore - Silver
  19. Noppies
    Summer jacket Rockdale - Apple Cinnamon
    45.99 64.99
  20. Noppies
    Winter jacket Nes - Rubber
  21. Noppies
    Winter jacket Niftrik - Crabapple
  22. Noppies
    Summer jacket Graz - Reversible - Black Iris
    48.99 69.99
  23. Noppies
    Winter jacket Nes - Dark Sapphire
  24. Noppies
    Summer jacket Gigila - Faded Rose
    41.99 59.99
  25. Noppies
    Winter jacket Buxar - Phantom
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A good kids coat is a vital element in any kid's wardrobe. You may need kids coats for the different seasons, spring, autumn and winter. So a kids coat is a genuine must-have.

When buying kids coat, check warmth, size and quality. You are better off investing in a warm coat than having to buy a new one halfway through the season.

Quality is really important when buying a coat. Kids coats  have to withstand a great deal of wear and tear and must be pretty resilient. Of course, there are many different types of coat. There are summer coats and winter coats, bust also body-warmers, denim jackets, trench coats and bombers. All different styles but all really nice!

Kids coats at Noppies

Noppies' kids coats are great quality. We choose the best materials, so that children stay warm and the coats last for ages!

Noppies' kids coats come various designs. There are summer jackets that you can wear on both sides, giving you two jackets in one. There are denim jackets for girls and funky bomber jackets for boys.

Noppies' kids coats for winter are the best of all. How about a trendy parka in dark blue for boys or a polka dot jacket for girls? Naturally, thee are also classic kids coats at Noppies too. One thing they have in common: they are are all top quality. Noppies kids coats are available in sizes 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134 and 140.

Order kids coats online

At Noppies, you can buy lovely children's jeans quickly and easily. 

Do you have a question about a product or your order? Our friendly service department is ready to help from Monday to Friday.

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