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Maternity trousers

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When your usual trousers start to feel a bit tight, it's time to buy a pair of maternity trousers. Noppies offers a wide range of trendy maternity trousers made with luxurious materials and with handy detailing. And all designed to fit perfectly from month one to nine. Create endless combinations and outfits that suit you in the blink of an eye, throughout your pregnancy. 

Noppies maternity trousers

From stylish to casual and everyday, you'll quickly and easily find the maternity trousers you're looking for in Noppies' maternity collection. The collection includes basic colours and trendy shades, and is continuously updated with new items. In the summer, there will be maternity trousers in light shades and in the winter, there will be trousers in heavier, warmer materials. 

Maternity trousers sizing

At Noppies you can simply select your regular size. Noppies maternity jeans have been designed to provide the perfect fit throughout your pregnancy. The stretchy materials and adjustable waistband means the jeans can grow to fit your changing body shape. Available in sizes 34 to 44. The Noppies sizing table provides further information about the sizes and lengths of our maternity trousers. 

Buy maternity trousers

If it is time for some maternity trousers? The exact moment varies for everyone. If your own trousers are feeling a little tight, and your body needs a bit more support, you've come to the right address at Noppies. Noppes has been an expert in maternity clothing for more than 20 years. Noppies sets the bar high when it comes to the fit of your maternity trousers. Order maternity trousers that fit easily and quickly.