Clever Care 

Sustainably maintain clothing

Noppies devotes a great deal of time and attention to adding care & comfort to your clothing. From your pregnancy right up to when you become parents - our mission is to provide you, your kids and our planet with that little bit of extra care. Making sure you can be proud of all those special moments, full of confidence and resilience, with a smile and a tear. Today, but certainly all of our tomorrows too! Noppies is truly passionate about doing things that little bit better every single day. Obviously with a hefty dose of resilience. We share, we learn and we reflect. But how amazing is it when we succeed. When we can share this security, passion and warmth for each other and the world with or for today’s parents, as well as our future generations. Are you in? Discover all there is to know about the CleverCare programme!

Clever Care! Sustainably caring for your clothing

You will find the CleverCare symbol on each wash label, the logo for sustainable textile care by GINETEX. The CleverCare programme can provide you with a number of handy tips if you would like to reduce your footprint and extend the life of your clothing!

Don't wash too often 

Do you ever stop to consider this? Washing your clothing isn’t always really necessary. Studies have shown we often do so unnecessarily. Washing less often will reduce your CO2 footprint. A small effort, but we’ll definitely be doing our planet a huge favour. A number of tips now follow:
- Clean stains by hand
- Air your clothing outside or in the bathroom
- Only put the washing on when you have a full load

Lower the temperature 

Lowering the temperature will save on a great deal of energy. Did you know that the symbol on the clothing only indicates the maximum temperature to guarantee maintaining the item’s quality? So washing at a lower temperature therefore certainly poses no problem!

Line drying 

Do you form part of the line drying team, or do you put everything in the dryer? If you are one of the latter, perhaps the time has now come to change! Line drying doesn’t only save on a great deal of energy, but will also ensure your clothing will continue to look beautiful and last longer too.

Iron less often 

We can save on a great deal of energy (undoubtedly your own too!) by ironing less often, or only when it’s really necessary. Shake your clothing out well after washing and hang it up neatly to limit the formation of any wrinkles. Is it properly wrinkly fabric? Then hang it up in the bathroom or shower. The steam will reduce any wrinkles and creases. These handy tips will allow you to contribute to a healthier world and the longer lifespan of your clothing. And once you’ve really grown out or tired of it, you may still be able to make other parents (to-be) happy with it too!