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    Legging Los Angeles - Café au lait
  2. Noppies
    Legging Ninive - Oatmeal
  3. Noppies
    Legging Needham - India Ink
    8.99 14.99
  4. Noppies
    Legging Nutley - Pristine
    10.99 17.99
  5. Noppies
    Legging Nassau - Pristine
    13.99 18.99
  6. Noppies
    Legging Angie - Navy
    6.99 9.99
  7. Noppies
    Legging Angie - Charcoal
    6.99 9.99
  8. Noppies
    Legging Angie - Light Rose
    6.99 9.99
  9. Noppies
    Legging Abby - Dark Green
    6.99 9.99
  10. Noppies
    Legging Naavah - assorti
    11.99 16.99
  11. Noppies
    Legging Nini - assorti
    11.99 16.99
  12. Noppies
    Legging Angie - Oatmeal
  13. Noppies
    Legging Angie - Taupe Melange
  14. Noppies
    Legging Needham - Rose Dawn
    8.99 14.99
  15. Noppies
    Legging Nome - Blue Surf
    10.99 17.99
  16. Noppies
    Legging Nunda - polignac
    10.99 14.99
  17. Noppies
    Legging Nowata - Apple Cinnamon
    11.99 14.99
  18. Noppies
    Legging Norway - Oatmeal
    10.99 17.99
  19. Noppies
    Legging Nolly - Blue Surf
    10.99 16.99
  20. Noppies
    Legging Las Vegas - Blue Nights
  21. Noppies
    Legging La Havre - Henna
  22. Noppies
    Legging Ladner - Henna
  23. Noppies
    Legging Lecanto - Hedge Green
  24. Noppies
    Legging Las Vegas - Café au lait
  25. Noppies
    Legging Las Vegas - Ashley blue
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Baby leggings are practical, very comfortable and really handy and they're right back on trend! Mothers recommend that you have plenty of leggings for you baby's first few months. They are easy to get on and off, handy to stuff into your changing bag and create a great look every time.

Leggings are a fairly standard item but alternating with a colour, print and detailing here and there means you can create loads of different looks with baby leggings. Combining them with a pretty shirt, tunic or jumper creates a new, trendy look for your little one in the blink of an eye!

Baby leggings are also a welcome change to baby tights. They are easy to get on and don't have attached feet. So leggings are great during the summer months as your feet stay nice and cool!

Noppies baby leggings

Noppies baby leggings are always a great fit. That is why Noppies has a wide range of baby leggings . In the basics collection, you will find leggings in pink, grey and white. In the summer and winter collections, you can find leggings in trendy colours, finished with girly details, such as frills.

A genuine must-have is our blue and white striped baby leggings. They are just so versatile. Great under a dress or skirt but also great with a denim blouse or white cotton shirt. Plenty of choice and endless combinations. Noppies baby legging are available in sizes: 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80 and 92.

Order baby leggings online

At Noppies, you can buy the prettiest baby leggings quickly and easily. Do you have a question about a product or your order? Our friendly service department is ready to help from Monday to Friday.

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