Playpen blankets

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Noppies Playpen mat Botanical - Fog
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Noppies Playpen mat Botanical - Beetle
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Noppies Playpen mat Botanical - Misty Rose
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Noppies Playpen mat Blooming Clover Terry - Puritan Gray
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Noppies Playpen mat Fancy Dot - Forged Iron
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Noppies Playpen mat Blooming Clover Terry - Indian Tan
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The playpen is one of the safest and nicest places for your baby to spend time. Your little one can discover the world on a soft and comfortable playpen blanket. Our collection includes various different formats and styles. Which playpen blanket will form a glorious part of your interior soon? 

Your (newborn) baby would like nothing more than to feel safe, secure and comfortable. Apart from being cuddled up to mummy and/or daddy, the playpen is the ideal place for this. A playpen blanket naturally forms one of the basics here. It will allow you to create a pleasantly soft play and discovery place for your baby.   


There are lots of different types of playpens and our collection of playpen blankets has been specifically designed with this in mind: from square to elongated. Noppies Baby Comfort’s square playpen blankets feature a raised edge, which you can attach to the rails of your playpen. This ensures your little one won’t bang his or her head against the rails once he or she starts rolling. The collection also includes elongated playpen blankets. We are therefore 100% sure there will be one which perfectly fits your playpen. If your little one is still very small, then you also have the option of shopping for a matching baby nest 


Playpen blankets can certainly also be used outside the playpen as playing and crawling blankets. You can simply place them down flat on the floor. Handy when you’re busy doing something in another room. This will ensure your little one can relax and play on the blanket whilst you keep an eye on things. Beautifully soft! The playpen blankets are definitely also perfect for when your little one has learned how to roll or crawl. And once he or she is ready to stand up - the playpen rails will also be very popular here - the playpen blankets will provide a much softer landing. The Noppies Baby Comfort playpen blankets are made from 100% cotton or a high quality cotton blend. One thing’s for sure: it’s time to play!

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