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Noppies Babynest Botanical Baby nest - Fog
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Noppies Babynest Botanical Baby nest - Misty Rose
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Noppies Babynest Botanical Baby nest - Colony Blue
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The world can be quite an overwhelming place for your baby. A baby nest is a lovely way of making your little one feel safe and secure. And you can take the nest with you wherever you go too. Nice and easy! 

From your bed to the sofa, a baby nest is perfect for any of your comfy spots. Absolutely perfect for you and your little bundle. If you’re having a bit of a tidy up for a few minutes, place your little one in the nest and he or she will be able to have a lovely look around, or perhaps a little snooze. All done? Then you can easily move the nest to another room. The only thing you’ll need is a flat surface. There’s every chance this is going to be one of your little one’s favourite places.  


You can see a baby nest as a small, safe cocoon for your little one. It will make him or her feel safe, secure and comfortable, exactly the kind of feeling you want to create. The baby nest will ensure you can always keep your little one close by, whilst also keeping your hands free for other things. The lightweight design means it’s also ideal to take with you to the park, or perhaps an afternoon with grandma and grandad. Perfect for making sure your baby sees his or her surroundings as safe and familiar, even when it’s a completely new place. 


This is the ultimate relaxation spot for your little one. However, there are a few things to consider once you're ready to start using it: 

  • Your baby can enjoy little naps in the nest, but it’s best not to use it for longer sleeps; 
  • The nest must always be positioned on a flat surface; 
  • It’s important to always keep a close eye on your little one when he or she is spending time in the baby nest; 
  • These nests are suitable for children up to approximately 6 months old; 
  • Make sure your baby is always positioned on his or her back.  

Take a quick look at our collection of baby nests. Any questions, or would you like to find out more about our brand? Then do get in touch. We are ready to be of service! 

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