Bed bumpers

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Noppies Playpen bumper Quilted bed bumper cot - Fog
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Noppies Playpen bumper Quilted bed bumper cot - Puritan Gray
As low as 49.99
Noppies Playpen bumper Quilted bed bumper cot - Indian Tan
As low as 49.99
Noppies Playpen bumper Quilted bed bumper cot - Misty Rose
As low as 49.99
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Noppies Playpen bumper Quilted bed bumper cot - Colony Blue
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Would you like to give your baby’s cot an extra dose of softness? Then opt for one of the bed bumpers. These are very easy to position as protection along the bars. And they look incredibly cute too! 

Your baby will also be busy discovering the world from his or her cot. You can make sure your little one feels warm and secure in his or her cot with an  bed bumper along the rails. A bed bumper is sometimes also referred to as a bed border. And that’s really exactly what it does: it provides a soft border around your baby’s cot. An extra layer of protection.  


It will be tricky to choose from all those lovely and cute patterns in the collection. Are you going to go for a bed bumper with dots, or does the rose pattern suit your baby’s cot even better? These bed bumpers are made from 100% organic and/or responsible cotton. Soft for your little one and better for the world too. Another handy detail is that you can wash it at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. The bed bumpers feature loops which can be tied to the bed rails.  


It’s important to use the bed bumper in the correct and safest way possible. A few important tips: 

  • Secure the baby bumper straps to the outside the rails; 
  • This product can only be positioned at the top of the cot; 
  • Secure it with knots rather than loops; 
  • Is the bed bumper damaged? Then you will no longer be able to use it; 
  • Remove the bed bumpers once your little one can sit up unaided, as children tend to use these to pull themselves up;
  • Make sure the bed bumper is properly secured in place. 

Do you have any questions about our collection of bed bumpers? Then do get in touch. We are ready to be of service! 

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