Protecting new life

We’re there when pregnant women first dream about becoming a mother. We’re there when young boys and girls first start exploring the world on their own. It’s what makes us so much more than just a fashion brand. Noppies wants to facilitate a safe and healthy start for children and their parents, by supporting them with the things they need most.

Resilient parenthood

Every child in the Netherlands (and beyond) deserves a good, safe and healthy start. Safety and emotional attachment in the first years of life are essential for a child to make the best possible start. They have a direct link to social, emotional and cognitive development. This all begins with the parents. Resilient parents make resilient and happy children. But being resilient isn’t always easy, because parenthood comes with its ups and downs.

1001 critical days manifesto

The first 1001 days of a child’s life, from conception to their second birthday, are critical to the development of a feeling of safe attachment. Noppies understands that parenthood can be challenging. It’s not only about being on cloud nine. We want to embrace the imperfections around parenthood and support young parents. Especially during the days that don’t match up with the sunny expectations you might have.

Noppies collaborates with the “1001 critical days” manifesto, giving shape to this support. The initiative includes the Dutch Association of Pedagogues and Educationalists (NVO), the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP), Babywerk (foundation) and the Dutch Association for Infant Mental Health (DAIMH). Together, we set up activities to make parents more resilient to stress and other issues associated with being a parent. Especially during the first 1001 days.

That’s how we help build resilient parenthood for all (future) parents and contribute to the resilience, happiness and well-being of future generations.


Reach stands for registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction. It's a European regulation for production of, and trade in, chemical substances. Noppies will not use any of the substances listed by Reach in the making of fashion items.

Child safety

The European Child Safety Alliance was launched in 2000, with the ambition to make the lives of children living in Europe safer. Noppies is following these guidelines and has included them in it's Code of Conduct. Noppies baby and kids wear is the safest possible option for your little one(s).