Happy world 

We are committed to making the shift towards a more sustainable industry, but as our customer, you have an important role to make actual change happen. Using your day-to-day decisions, you can create a big impact. Depending on what you buy and how you treat your fashion items. We hope to support and stimulate you every day, in choosing what’s best for the world and for you.

These tips help you make the most sustainable choices, extend the lifetime of every single fashion item and minimize your impact.

1. Choose responsible brands

You can vote with your decision, for the brands and companies that they support. That’s why buying beautiful items, made with care for people, animals and the environment, is the best choice. Ask brands about their sustainability activities. We’d love to share what we’re doing too and tell you more about our plans and activities!

2. Buy smart

Think twice before you buy something. Only invest in the fashion items that make you feel great and the ones that fit you best. Choose for quality over quantity. High-quality fashion and long-term design are essential features of a sustainable wardrobe. When your children outgrow their clothes, pass them on with love to extend the life of these high-quality items.

3. Rethink washing

Wash as little as possible, as cold as possible. Try to avoid ironing, use sustainable washing detergent and put your fresh clothes in the bathroom while you shower. This enables you to skip a visit to the dry cleaner. The aftercare for our clothes has more environmental impact than the production and distribution combined: so, it’s really worth thinking this through.

4. Go organic

All sorts of fibers release microfibers in the washing machine. The problem is that microfibers in synthetic fabrics are not organically degradable. These microfibers are made of plastic and they end up in our water and oceans. They travel through the natural environment and end up back in our food chain. In the long term, organic materials are much better for our environment and all the living creatures on our planet.

5. Repair & rewear

Give your clothes a second life by covering stains and holes with fabric or patches. When it’s time to say goodbye to your items: recycle, sell or pass on your clothes to other mums. Friends, acquaintances or organizations will accept them with love. The Noppies Buy & Sell platform can help you give your items a second life! It’s how we can minimize the garbage dump and create a happier world together.