together for responsible fashion

Building a Happy World starts with yourself. Our impact reaches the countries we operate in and the countries where our headquarters, warehouses, employees and partners are located. We invest in a more sustainable world, together with our people and partners that support us, with every single decision we make. Together, we bring sustainability to a higher level. Our partners share our mission of building a healthier, safer and more sustainable fashion industry.

Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Fashion and Textiles

We want to embed sustainable production in our business as much as possible. Our membership of the Dutch Agreement for Sustainable Fashion and Textiles helps us do this. This initiative by the Dutch government supports sustainable development across the entire sector, focusing on working conditions and sustainable materials. Being a member enables us to start relevant projects and partnerships on the themes that matter most. Together, we can turn the fashion industry into a more sustainable one!

MVO Nederland

Noppies is affiliated with MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands). The organization supports companies across 15 different industries to take meaningful steps towards responsible business practices. As a member of the CSR working group, Noppies is able to support other smaller companies, to translate their sustainability ambitions into practice and reach their goals. By sharing knowledge and our entire network, Noppies can help and guide other businesses to define, fine-tune and implement responsible business policies.


We are a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). BSCI supports businesses in optimizing labor conditions throughout the value chain. BSCI has one collective Code of Conduct and method which is used for implementation and control. Businesses that join BSCI are ensured that their BSCI certified supply chain is meeting the requirements set by the initiative. The organization regularly visits the suppliers that manufacture for Noppies in Turkey, China and India.


MODINT is the organization for fashion, interior and textiles entrepreneurship. MODINT focuses on creating a sustainable future together with its members. Organizing thematic meetings, roundtable discussions and webinars enables their members, like Noppies, to participate in valuable discussions about relevant themes in fashion.


Our Dutch NGO partner, Arisa, is committed to supporting and protecting human rights in South Asia. They collaborate with local organizations, translating their mission into concrete activities. Expert organizations like Arisa, support Noppies in guiding and fine-tuning social compliance policies, while increasing our insights into (local) risks within the countries where we produce our items.