Responsible supply chain

Besides creating the best designs, we pay great attention to building the most sustainable production process. Fair working conditions within our value chain and a growing share of sustainable materials in all our items are part of this. Our efforts also focus on minimizing the impact we have on the environment.

Sustainable production

We value the good long-term relationships we have with our suppliers, and the circumstances under which our items are made. Part of our sustainability policy is conducting research in the factories we use for manufacturing. We have turned the audits and improvement plans into a strong social management system. It has enabled us to build a responsible supply chain and gain insights into the working conditions within the factories, improving them step-by-step.  

We value transparency and openly disclose the factories where our fashion items are made. All Nine & Co. production locations, the parent company of Noppies, are shared publicly in the Open Apparel Registry (OAR). 

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct explains the mutual responsibilities that both our suppliers and ourselves must meet. It describes how the well-being of people, the environment and animals must be taken into account in the manufacturing of every single fashion item. The code also takes into account the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Code of Conduct of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and other relevant frameworks. Noppies only collaborates with partners that have agreed to and signed our Code of Conduct.

>>> Download our Code of Conduct

Living wage

We believe that the way we purchase our items can affect the supplier’s working conditions. That’s why we pay special attention to how our purchasing process is designed, the possible effects of this on suppliers and what we can do to optimize this, like safe working conditions and fair wages.

In 2020/2021, we are taking concrete steps towards living wages at our suppliers. We will start this project with a pilot, together with our suppliers in India and Turkey, set up in close collaboration with (expert) partners and (local) stakeholders.  

A living wage is an income that covers the real cost of living, including all monthly expenses and some savings for workers and their families to set aside. Paying a living wage to employees is not only a human right, it is also an investment in empowered and motivated workers, a strong business, a stronger local economy and a healthy community (to do business with).

Sustainable sourced fibres

One way to invest in a more sustainable value chain is by sourcing more sustainable fibres for our products. More than 65% of our fashion items are made of cotton. That’s why we focus on growing the amount of sustainable cotton. More sustainable cotton production means increased water efficiency, reduced use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. More sustainable cotton means certified organic (GOTS) or sustainably produced (sourced via the Better Cotton Initiative). Today, 56% of all Noppies cotton is GOTS certified!


Cotton controlled and certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) can be called “organic cotton”. The GOTS standard applies throughout the entire supply chain. It starts at the first step of processing the fibers and applies to farmers, manufacturers, retailers and brands. Cotton farmers with GOTS certification are now completely traceable, enabling Noppies to have a transparent insight into the manufacturing of cotton.

GOTS certification mainly focuses on:

  • Safe working conditions, no discrimination and no child labor
  • Use of sustainable (waste) watering systems
  • No use of hazardous substances or chemicals
  • All resources used must be completely organic


In 2018, Noppies became a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). BCI aims to make conventional cotton more sustainable by training and educating farmers. Farmers have the freedom to decide which sustainable production method is the best fit for them. BCI supports cotton farmers, to improve cultivation, which can lead to increased harvests and higher turnover. It enables the farmers to invest in a healthy and safe working environment. BCI also offers support to improve the production process, reducing water and energy use.

Animal welfare

Noppies collections do not contain animal materials or fibers. We believe that animal welfare is a human responsibility that covers all aspects of animal well-being. Our policy clearly underlines that all Noppies products must be manufactured without harm or cruelty to animals. The use of fur, mohair and feathers are, among others, prohibited.