Circular world

We want to look after the planet our children will grow up in and we want to make sure future generations can enjoy mother earth just as much as we can today. We want to invest in a circular economy with smart use and reuse of natural resources, in order to contribute to the transition to a sustainable world.

Sustainable raw materials

Our focus is on the optimal use of (sustainable) resources. As a fashion brand, we are constantly looking for innovative and sustainable materials to use in our products. We definitely also strive to optimise resources where the packaging of our products is concerned and to keep the pressure on raw materials as low as possible. Sustainable resources for a (more) sustainable chain. Our vision is to work towards a circular economy in which waste during the production, sale and use of our clothing is minimised.


Our collections offer a wide choice of sustainable items, made from organic or sustainably sourced cotton. Cotton offers the level of comfort which we feel is incredibly important in our (baby and maternity) products. We carefully look into the most sustainable options, without compromising on comfort, in order to reduce any impact as much as possible. We reduce our impact on the world with GOTS and BCI cotton, through more sustainable production methods, better working conditions and using less chemicals, water and energy.

Sustainable shipping

We also want to be as sustainable as possible where delivering our products to the consumer is concerned. We only ship our goods in certified cardboard (FSC quality mark) and 100% recycled plastic. The product packaging and hang tags are made from recycled and biodegradable paper and ink and brand labels are made from recycled polyester. We aim to minimise the number of return shipments, which effectively allows us to realise transport and packaging savings. Any possible returned items will be wrapped in poly bags made from degradable recycled polyurethane.

Our ambition is to ensure consumers can enjoy the best products, with the perfect fit, for as long as possible! Read how you can contribute to responsible fashion. We hope your preloved items can be given a second lease on life once you're ready for something new.