Making up the cot


Making up the cot

How to make up a cot

The cot or crib is in the house! Time to make up that little cot, or perhaps you’ve discovered a new amazing bed set after seeing the Noppies Baby Comfort collection. 

We’ll use this video to show you how you can make up a lovely bed for your baby with the fitted sheet, the blanket and the sheet from the Noppies Baby Comfort collection: tight, safe for your baby and completely matching!

What will you need?

  • A Noppies Baby Comfort fitted sheet for the cot or crib
  • A Noppies Baby Comfort cot or crib blanket
  • A Noppies Baby Comfort cot or crib sheet

Everything in the same style! The prints on our fitted sheets, sheets, blankets and sleeping bags have been designed in such a way that they can all be perfectly combined.

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So how should you make up the cot or crib?

  • Place the fitted sheet on top of the flannel
  • Place the blanket on top of the sheet, a little away from the edge.
  • Turn the edge of the sheet over onto the blanket.
  • Now place the sheet with the blanket from the bottom of the cot, where your baby’s feet are, up to shoulder height.
  • Firmly tug the sheet with the blanket into all the sides.
  • You could possibly also fold a hydrophilic cloth into a triangle and place it under the head, so you’ll only need to change the cloth if your baby accidentally spits up.

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