Baby out of the bathtub


Baby out of the tub

Safely taking your baby out of the bath

A relaxing bath moment with your baby! The wearable Noppies Baby Comfort baby towels will make it even more fun and easier. That’s because you can wear this towel around your own neck too. This means you won't just stay dry during all the splashing about, but you’ll also be able to safely take your baby out of the bath with both hands.

And the towel is just as lovely for your baby! Made from sustainable materials which feel extra soft to the touch on that very pure skin. The hood will make sure your little one’s head stays lovely and warm. And once you’ve safely placed your little one on the changing table, you can easily unfasten the towel from your own neck again, using just one hand.

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Some of the highlights from our video now follow:

  • Hang-and-go loop, giving you quick and easy access to the towel.
  • Can be hung around the neck
    • You’ll stay dry during bath time
    • You can safely take your baby out of the bath using both hands
  • The soft hood will keep your little one nice and warm after the bath
  • Lovely, absorbent fabric
  • Can be loosened from your own neck with one hand

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