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The second trimester

You’re now 13 to 26 weeks pregnant

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En ga stralend het tweede trimester door.

The second trimester

You’ve now completed the first few exciting months and that means: time for the second trimester. You can get started on buying all those things you’ll need for your baby during these months, but it’s certainly also time to devote some attention to your own wardrobe. Your belly will be doing plenty of growing between weeks 13 and 26 of your pregnancy.

Most women feel a lot better during the second trimester compared to the first few months of pregnancy. The nausea often starts to ease, overall energy levels increase … the second trimester is therefore the ideal time to start crossing some things off your to-do list. From everything your baby will need to arranging your maternity care: this is the ideal moment!


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Hello growing belly

Your pregnant belly probably won’t be that pronounced just yet at the start of this trimester, but that will definitely change over the forthcoming weeks. This will undoubtedly result in your own clothing becoming less and less comfy. So definitely time for some maternity clothing! Make things nice and easy for yourself by opting for a number of items which you can endlessly combine, like maternity jeans and dresses and tops with plenty of stretch in them.

Our collections have been made in such a way that you can simply continue buying your own size during the second trimester too, as every single item will provide you with plenty of room to grow. Our maternity bras boast a special wider fit too, making sure your changing breasts can enjoy all the comfort and support they’ll need.

Do you enjoy sports? Then make sure you check out our special sports collection too. The sports leggings will provide you with all the support you’ll need during a training session.




Create your baby list

Have you bought that first baby grow yet? Or were you eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second trimester first? Now that time has come, it’s definitely a good idea to start looking into all the things you’ll need for your little one.

Don’t get bogged down by all those huge lists of clothing and other baby essentials. We would gladly help you on your way with the baby clothing basics you’re really going to need:

  • 5 rompers size 50
  • 5 rompers size 56
  • 5 sets of clothing size 50
  • 5 sets of clothing size 56
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • 2 hats


All essentials for at home and for when you're out & about

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Comfort & Care for your little one

It’s always a good idea to buy clothing in neutral colours. This will allow you to wash everything together. Another nice thing for those very smallest sizes: opt for baby clothing with a wrapover. Things are finicky enough with such a tiny little thing. A wrapover ensures the clothing won't need to go over your little one’s head. Nicer for your little one and less stressful for you too. You can certainly also start looking at things like a pram, furniture for the nursery and possibly a playpen during this second trimester. This will make sure you’ve got plenty of time to choose.

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Babyshower or gender reveal party?

One of the highlights during the second trimester for many parents is that they’ll find out their child’s gender. You can opt for a fun ultrasound from around 16 weeks of pregnancy, during which your baby’s gender can be determined. You also have the option to ask for this during your 20 week scan. And, the third option, is obviously: wait for a lovely surprise at the birth.

Gender reveal parties during the second trimester have become increasingly popular in recent years. A new baby is most definitely a fantastic reason for a party for many people, but not everyone likes putting so much emphasis on the baby’s gender. So do think about what you want very carefully. You may well have decided to raise your baby in a gender-neutral manner and you think it’s going to be much more fun to allow your friends to surprise you with a lovely baby shower.

Tip: make sure you use a baby shower to get spoilt with lots of practical baby things, like a bath, changing mat and hydrophilic cloths. Or: ask for a gift voucher for nutritious ready meals for during the first few weeks of your maternity period.

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