The first trimester

You’re now 1 to 12 weeks pregnant

The first trimester

Wow, you’re pregnant! You’re now heading for an incredibly special time in your life. Of course it’s still early days, but you can definitely start having a look at things you’ll need now you’re in your first trimester. From maternity clothing to looking for a midwife: these are our tips for your first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Some people are literally on cloud nine from the very moment they find out they’re pregnant, whilst others can keep very level-headed about the whole thing. And sharing your pregnancy news with the world is certainly very personal too. Some pregnant ladies won’t be able to wait, whilst others prefer to keep it to themselves for as long as possible. One thing’s for sure: this first trimester is going to be a super exciting period!

How your body will change during the first trimester

A great deal will particularly be changing on the inside of your body during this first trimester. And yet you’ll be completely focussed on the smallest changes on the outside too. How long will it be before everyone will really be able to see you’re pregnant? How long will you be able to continue wearing your own clothes for? And what size should you be buying once you’re ready for maternity clothing? Our advice: from your trouser size to your bra, continue buying your usual size. That’s because our clothing is perfectly tuned to your continuously changing pregnant shape. So what are the kind of things you can expect during this first trimester? 


Shop Noppies maternity clothing now

Your body will already be starting to take on a different shape during these initial months. Your breasts will become larger and more sensitive. Your belly will naturally continue to grow in size.

That’s why we would definitely recommend wearing maternity clothing quite early on in your pregnancy. That’s because this clothing is specifically made to give your body all the room it needs to grow.

Plus you’ll be able to get the absolute maximum out of your clothing, as you’re already starting to wear it during your first trimester. And a little bit of smart shopping will ensure you can also continue to wear these items during the period after giving birth too. 

Must-haves for the first trimester

There are a few items which are lovely to purchase quite early on in your pregnancy: a well-fitting maternity bra , some lovely comfortable , tights  and jeans . This is why.

The tights will support your growing belly right from the very start. And the dress will discretely hide your little secret during the first trimester. Our bras are made from smooth materials, which will perfectly adapt to the shape of your breasts. The cups have been adjusted to your pregnant body too, as they feature a special wider fit. This will ensure your mammary glands, which are also on the side of your breasts, are given plenty of room to grow. Our seamless maternity bras also come highly recommended, so comfortable!

Our jeans are also perfectly tuned to your constantly changing body.

Our jeans are:

-     super stretchy;

-     feature a lovely supportive belly band;

-     boast a handy adjustable waist;

-     the waistband is elasticated, making sure the jeans won’t feel tight when you sit down.

They’re so comfortable that you’ll definitely also continue enjoy wearing them once you’ve given birth too!

Our latest items for your little one

Most pregnant ladies won’t be able to help themselves and start looking at all the things they’ll need for their baby, and possibly even buy that first little outfit, during their first trimester. Quite logical of course! You can already start having a look at our baby clothing in our Noppies brand stores and in our webshop. We have created an easy overview of our latest items. Ook kunnen de meesten het niet laten om zich tijdens het eerste trimester al een beetje te oriënteren op de uitzetlijst en een eerste babypakje te kopen. Logisch ook! Bij onze Noppies brandstores en in onze webshop kun je onze babykleding alvast bekijken. We hebben onze nieuwste items voor je op een rij gezet. 

From a midwife to planning your first ultrasound

Most women simply can’t help themselves and end up having a good look around and buying that first cute little outfit during the first trimester. You can already start having a look around in our Noppies brand stores and in our webshop. It’s definitely also a good idea to get a few practical matters sorted during this first trimester. Like finding a midwife.

You’ll often see your midwife for the first time once you’re between 8 and 12 weeks pregnant. It’s a good idea to find out what extras a doctor’s surgery can offer you, like evening appointments, or whether the surgery do their own ultrasounds, or if you’ll need to go to a separate ultrasound centre. One final tip: make sure you keep a pregnancy diary with some progress photographs. It’s always a good idea to buy some trousers or a dress which you’ll continue to wear throughout your pregnancy and constantly taking progress photographs in this item of clothing. Go and discover your favourite from our maternity collection!

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