Look what I can do Mum! Like a genuine Jacob Dalton, he throws his legs 3 cm into the air, falls on his side and does a partial somersault across the sitting room. You do your best not to laugh out loud and bellow: And the gold goes to….!

With the Olympic Games starting this Friday, many primary schools have put together a special programme of lessons. From fun films of sporting heroes and making a medal as an arts and crafts activity, to special sports lessons that introduce kids to various Olympic sports. Naturally, taking part is more important than winning, but they will wear themselves out together with their little friends. 

At Noppies, we understand that a comfortable outfit belongs to the favourites this week. From trendy t-shirts with sporty prints and light joggers to sturdy denim joggers, you can find them all in the 2016 Spring Summer collection for boys and girls. 

The pieces in the boys’ collection have sporty baseball influences and were designed for genuine Superheroes. Spiderman colours red and blue dominate and are incorporated into the most comfortable pieces made of soft fabrics. The grey, blue and red tones match one another perfectly, so you soon have an outfit to hand for any occasion. Light joggers for an afternoon of sports on the playground and trendy jeans for everyday wear.

Denim is always a good option and the Noppies collection offers plenty of choice for girls, with trendy pieces with hip all-over prints and girly details. Thanks to the fine materials, they are very comfortable to wear, but are strong enough to withstand wear. Complete her look with a reversible shirt. Super handy, because if it should pick up a stain, you can easily reverse the shirt and your little fashionista remains perfectly styled.  


If a gold medal is a bit of a long shot, there’s obviously no need to spoil the fun. You see, most pieces in the Noppies girls’ collection already have a winning glow of their own. From gold glitter to shiny details, that includes the sporty joggers. 


Regardless of who crosses the finish line first, one thing is certain; these superheroes or fashionistas with a golden glow all deserve a gold medal.