During the very first few weeks, you prefer to buy baby clothes you just know your baby will feel comfy in – and sometimes it is quite hard to know exactly what your baby needs. The various fabrics feel new and unfamiliar on your baby’s sensitive skin and you are constantly looking for ways to keep your baby nice and warm. Especially in spring, this can be quite the challenge for new mums-to-be.

The new unisex collection is specially designed to make choosing items for those first weeks that little bit easier. The neutral colours allow for easy mix & match combinations for both boys and girls. And… some mothers secretly quite like those neutral colours. Pure colours are completely on trend this spring.


Extra soft

The extra soft jerseys are comfy to wear during summery days. It keeps your little one nice and warm, but the fabric is breathable as well and prevents skin irritation. In addition, the jersey fabric is woven in a special way to create a light look & feel. 


Delicate knits

Although delicate cotton knits bring back memories of your gran’s handiwork, we cannot help but feel that knits are very much key items in a minimalist or trendy wardrobe for your baby this season. Naturally our designers took it one step further; instead of focussing on a bundle of joy wrapped in wool with a baby proof label, they created a knitwear-package with a modern twist in the right mix of yarn thickness, texture and softness. 


Pure colours

Let’s face it, you really want to buy the very first baby clothes yourself. Thanks to the natural colour scheme of mint, blue, grey, beige and off-white, all items mix & match well with the ones you may receive as a baby birth gift. But you will always have something in your wardrobe you know your little one loves to wear and feels nice and comfy in.