In the mix with Noppies Black

You are a successful businesswoman, during your pregnancy as well. Create your business look with these key pieces and feel self-assured, stylish and attractive during your pregnancy with the exclusive Noppies Black business collection.

Your baby is starting to grow and your beautiful pregnant belly is taking on a more defined shape. It is becoming increasingly difficult to choose something from your business wardrobe. You can still get away with tights and a dress, but it does not really feel ideal. It is becoming more of a challenge to look stylish in the workplace and to keep feeling good in your own style.

You still work long days just as you did before your pregnancy and you still mainly occupy yourself with the same tasks. No problem at all, but it may require more energy than it would otherwise. So the last thing you want to worry about is ill-fitting clothing. And your baby is also only too happy with a little extra room while mum is busy with other things. That way, your baby can play with its toes, do a somersault, or wave to your colleague opposite. No worries, the abdominal belts in the skirt, pants and tights offer sufficient support. Thus, you can both get through the day in comfort and enjoy each other’s company.

The classic white maternity blouse

Algemeen bekend is dat een getailleerde witte blouse favoriet is bij onze succesvolle zakenvrouwen. Je kunt er eindeloos mee combineren en daarnaast legt het de nadruk op je mooie slanke taille. Ook tijdens je zwangerschap is de taille een belangrijk punt. Door de nadruk op de zwangerschapstaille te leggen komt je zwangere buik nog mooier naar voren. De taille zit net wat hoger dan anders en dankzij het jersey rugpand is er voldoende ruimte voor groei zodat de knoopjes mooi gesloten blijven. Draag hem in een kokerrok of boven een pantalon en maak daarna je look af met een mooi zakelijk vestje. De strik geeft nog net een beetje extra dimensie aan je outfit. Strik het op een manier die bij je pas. Uiteraard kan je hem ook achterwegen laten.

The maternity dress for all occasions

Let’s be honest, a dress remains the most comfortable, especially if your pregnancy is further along. Thus, you cannot do without the “little black dress”. Thanks to the stylish fit and the smart design, the dress is slimming, but also offers sufficient room for your baby. Thanks to the luxurious fabric used, the dress will not form a visible panty line, but as with other dresses, it may be helpful to wear a seamless string or slip underneath.

If you have a special occasion, the other dress in the Noppies Black collection is sure to catch your eye. The fine mix of materials gives it a festive touch without compromising on comfort. The bodice is made of thinner fabric and has a subtle shine. The rest of the dress provides support where needed and will not show a visible panty line. All that shows is your beautiful pregnant belly, which is given additional emphasis thanks to the high waist with a bow at the back.

The maternity dress for all occasions

An asset forever. Complete your business look with this stylish winter jacket. A winter jacket soon feels tighter with all those layers of clothing. Getting in and out of the car eventually becomes more difficult, let alone in a thick winter jacket. You tend to open your jacket and wear a thick loose scarf over it as a temporary solution. Not exactly ideal, because the cold winds cut right through it. However, purchasing a new winter jacket feels a little extravagant, after all, you will probably never wear it again.

It may seem too good to be true, a winter jacket that can be worn three ways. One that can be used to keep your baby warm during pregnancy and the carrying stage, but which can also be worn afterwards. Yet it really does exist – the Anna winter jacket from the exclusive Noppies Black business collection functions as a maternity coat, babywearing coat and forever jacket.

And no, do not worry. The winter jacket does not have an adapted fit. What it does have, is an additional panel that can be unzipped and removed entirely. The panel gives the winter jacket a comfortable fit throughout your whole pregnancy; afterwards the jacket has a nice tailored fit without the panel. Want to go for a pleasant walk in your free time with your baby in the baby carrier? Then partly zip up the panel again and keep your baby nice and warm.