A maternity dress for Christmas

Ready to sparkle? Shopping for a maternity dress  for Christmas may very well still be high on your list of priorities in preparation for the holidays, and strangely enough (or not) it is always a last-minute thing every single year. To help out mums-to-be who are short on time, we have compiled our favourite Christmas maternity dresses per brand.

Queen Mum

Our favourite maternity dress for Christmas by Queen Mum is definitely this lace item. An all-time classic and a huge favourite among our new mums-to-be. Why? Lace is stylish and if you combine it with nice matching pumps, it will effortlessly make a very chic outfit. Exactly the ingredients we expect from a maternity dress for the holidays. But what is the secret behind this lace dress? Our designers at Queen Mum have used extra soft lace, which moves with your changing body to boot. This allows enough room for your baby to grow and will also score this Christmas maternity dress plenty of comfy fit points.

Did you have your baby just before Christmas? Or would you like to wear this dress on other occasions after you have given birth? You can! The hidden nursing feature allows you to easily and discreetly breastfeed your baby.


The favourite Christmas maternity dress by Noppies is the Marron in dark blue. Its figure-hugging fit and overlay ensure that your beautiful pregnant belly takes centre stage during the holidays! The semi-sheer sleeves add a finishing touch to this festive look. This maternity dress is made of a soft stretch fabric, which makes it comfortable as well as stylish!

And, if a Christmas maternity dress is secretly not quite your thing, we cannot help but share these two options with you. The Maksey jumpsuit and Mae maternity shirt look every bit as beautiful and have the same semi-transparent details to effortlessly give your outfit that festive look.


Being a new mum-to-be does not mean you cannot crash a party during this December month. With this glamorous dress by Supermom you are ready for any party, which means this item is also one of the candidates for the ultimate Christmas maternity dress. Good to know: the neckline comes with a drawstring so you can reveal more or less of your cleavage depending on the party. Multifunctional when you decide to step out on the dance floor with your friends after a family dinner. The fabric is elastic and comes with lurex detailing, so this dress is subtly sparkling all-over.

Esprit for Mums

Sparkling is key! Especially with this maternity dress by Esprit for mums. Did you know that Esprit for mums is an expert on nursing features? The smart designs mean you hardly notice them and they do not bother you during your pregnancy. But after your baby is born, they allow for easy and discreet breastfeeding wherever you are: all you need to do is slightly lift up the sparkling mesh layer at the front. We are secretly quite sure that this maternity dress for Christmas will soon become one of your favourites if you are pregnant or have just given birth.

Although this is definitely our favourite item, Esprit for mums also offers several other maternity dresses in its collection that also function as ultimate party dresses, and each has its own unique innovative nursing feature. If reading about our favourites secretly makes you want to go online to take a closer look at your ultimate Christmas maternity dress, we can definitely recommend it!

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