Let's get back to school with NOP

The time for crazy water battles and slow days on the beach is almost coming to an end again . . . This is thetime to start thinking about a new outfit for your kid, so that he or she can really rock the first day of school. NOP’s new collection cannot be missed. Just picture it: unisex items and GOTS-certified must-haves, because nature is there to be cherished. Let's get back to school with NOP!


Gender? We don’t care much. Be You, Be NOP! That is why our new NOP collection contains a large number of gender-neutral items. Our unisex jumpers, t-shirts, and joggers are specially designed for both girls and boys alike. Let your son and daughter twin in yellow, blue, or gray. Also cool: the all-over prints and unique shapes that are typical of the cool garments from our cool NOP collection.


Give your kid's comeback a sustainable character! The new NOP collection largely consists of items that are GOTS-certified. This quality label can only be used when all the different chains in the production process meet the high standards for working conditions and sustainable processes. From the cotton farmer and spinner all the way up to the producer – all those involved must meet the strict requirements before a garment can be provided with the GOTS quality label.

The world is a magical place

We love technology! But at the same time, we'd rather not lose sight of nature. The new NOP collection brings these two together to create magic. Curious? Combine the coolest outfits with abstract lines, bulky and baggy fits, animal prints, glow-in-the-dark elements and graphic lettering. What’s not to love? Aside from blending nature and technology, we here at NOP also love to mix cultural influences. From artworks that transport you and your kid to Japan to overall prints that give a Mexican look – NOP is there for the future world travellers who want to look cool on their first day of school.