It’s that time of year again! The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter and winter coats have to be bought! While some parents start exploring the options months in advance, others may find the nicest winter coat just in time. One thing is for sure: a good, warm winter coat is a must-have item for winter.

Noppies has kids’ winter coats available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Below we have given an overview of the most significant differences and hope you will be inspired by the examples, good luck choosing one!



Tough winter coats
These coats are designed to get wet, to play outside and muck about in, and to protect against cold & wet winter weather. The water resistant fabric ensures your child will stay dry, the generously sized warm hood is extra comfy and the reflective details create safety. In short, these are all-in-one items.

Stylish winter coats
Like you have never seen them before! Toggle coats are having a revival and are completely on trend again. Do you ‘dare to be different’ and are you looking for a distinctive winter coat for your child? Choose this classic item!

Brightly coloured winter coats
Winter is dark and gloomy enough as it is, our designers must have thought. They have especially added a cheerful touch and created coats with prints or in a variety of colours. All of them are tough & durable, and water resistant! All set to brighten up winter days.