Dare to denim

In addition to getting everything ready for your little one to arrive, your body changes quickly during your pregnancy as well. So, it is time for a new wardrobe. Thanks to a wide range of maternity jeans by Esprit for mums it is easy to quickly create a reliable basic wardrobe that allows for endless mixing & matching combinations in your own style.

Discover the latest designs and fits, because our designers sure have been busy these past few years. Their knowledge, expertise and experience have been put to good use in creating a new and improved denim line. The maternity jeans have been completed with convenient new functionality and are made of refined and elastic denim fabrics for a perfect, comfy fit. But – maybe just as important – barely distinguishable from regular jeans. Do you dare to take the first step towards creating a stylish maternity wardrobe with one of these denim items?

Under-the-belly or over-the-belly

Esprit for mums excels in denim treggings with an under-the-belly functionality. The advantage of the under-the-belly functionality is that it supports your belly where you need it the most. Supporting the uterus results in less tension on the ligaments connecting the uterus to the pelvis and this prevents you from using your back to correct. Another advantage we simply cannot leave out is that maternity treggings do not have buttons or seams that can irritate the skin. In short, an item to offer the most in terms of comfort and support – in particular during the early stages of your pregnancy.

However, if you are a bit further along in your pregnancy, you may find it more comfy to fully cover your belly with the jersey belly band. It goes without saying that you can always turn the belly band over during the early stages of your pregnancy to support the bottom part of your belly. No worries about style either, the maternity jeans with an over-the-belly functionality are available from straight and skinny to trendy flared fits. Although the limited choice in maternity jeans used to make finding one much easier, we are actually quite happy that our selection is no longer limited to a pair of blue jeans that either does, or doesn’t fit.  Over these past few years, the maternity jeans by Esprit for mums have developed into a must-have item during your pregnancy. We can actually choose now, so why torment yourself with a pair of maternity jeans that don’t fit properly? Choose maternity jeans that perfectly fit your own style and/or figure. Here you can find more information about the various fits. 

Lovely basics and on-trend items

Although a lovely basic is a must-have item for your wardrobe, we understand you may want to include some trendy items as well. Fortunately, the maternity jeans in the seasonal collections by Esprit for mums also have the same convenient functionalities and comfy fabrics. This allows you to easily and quickly add to your wardrobe and effortlessly shop an on-trend outfit.

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