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TOG values

The Noppies TOG values table

TOG values can help you, as parents, to choose the right sleeping bag, blanket or footmuff in line with your little one’s room temperature and (sleep) clothing. This will make sure your little one is never too hot or too cold and you can allow your child to sleep safely with complete peace of mind.

TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ and actually indicates how much body heat the product’s fabric retains. The higher the TOG value, the denser the fabric and therefore the more difficult it will be for the heat to escape.  You will therefore particularly need items in the winter which have a somewhat higher TOG value and a lower TOG value during the summer months.

It goes without saying the right romper or baby grow also plays an important role. We will gladly help you on your way! The Noppies TOG value table will also tell you which item of clothing is most suitable for your little one in combination with the sleeping bag, blanket or footmuff. Check, check, double check!

Sleeping bag TOG value

Have you discovered the handy QR code in the Noppies Baby Comfort sleeping bag yet? This will allow you to easily and quickly figure out which TOG value you can maintain at which temperature. Even when you’re unsure about a short-sleeved or long-sleeved romper, the answer will be right there for you!

Summer sleeping bag TOG value

Onze Noppies Baby Comfort zomerslaapzakken gebruik je meestal bij een kamertemperatuur tussen de 20 °C en 24 °C, afhankelijk van de TOG-waarde. De slaapzak Fancy Dot heeft een TOG-waarde van 1.0 en de Muslin slaapzak van 1.5.

Winter sleeping bag TOG value

You can use our winter sleeping bag, which also features handy detachable sleeves, from 18°C. That’s because not every child likes sleeves.

4 seasons sleeping bag TOG value

The name says it all! This sleeping bag is suitable for all temperatures. Despite the fact your baby is undoubtedly growing fast to start with, the weather can sometimes be quite changeable. This sleeping bag will cover you for any situation. You can use the outer bag separately from the inner bag (and vice versa!). And together they're perfect for room temperatures below 16°C.

Baby blanket TOG value

We have also tested the TOG value of our Noppies Baby Comfort blankets. It’s important to know that you should never combine the use of different blankets. If it’s starting to get a little colder out there, then opt for a quilted blanket with a higher TOG value.

Footmuff TOG value

Keep your little one nice and warm in the Maxi-Cosi with a Noppies Baby Comfort footmuff. Footmuffs generally have a high TOG value. However, TOG values only give advice for indoor use, whereas you’ll mainly be using this footmuff outdoors. So always make sure you pay careful attention to the ambient temperature and unzip the footmuff if, for example, you are taking the Maxi-Cosi back inside from the car. We would always advise against using the footmuff in combination with a (winter) jacket or wrap. You always have the option of feeling your baby’s neck to see if he or she is getting a little too hot. Does it feel a little clammy? That means your baby is a little too warm right now.