Noppies Baby
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Noppies Baby

Comfort, care and design for your little one

Shopping for your baby is more fun than shopping for yourself. Especially with the trendy Noppies baby collection. Our items are made from the softest materials, and therefore have a comfortable fit. Our clothing items also have useful features that make getting dressed and undressed nice and easy. Want to bet your heart will beat faster?

Buying baby clothes is possibly the most enjoyable activity during pregnancy. Picking out all those cute outfits. The idea that these clothes will soon envelop your child’s little body still seems surreal at that point. Do you know what your very first outfit will be for your baby?

Even after the baby is born it’s fun to entice yourself with all the lovely items. And it’s necessary, too! Because your baby will grow like a weed, especially in the beginning. With the extensive baby collection by Noppies, you know your closet will always be filled with hip, comfortable and sustainable baby clothing. All of our clothing items were designed and made with love; that’s certainly evident.