About the maternity brands

The time has definitely come for maternity clothing when your pregnant body is starting to demand a little extra support and space. We have the most beautiful and most comfortable maternity clothing from the Noppies, Supermom and Esprit brands on offer. These brands represent various different styles. From trendy dresses to smart trousers: there will always be an outfit which is truly perfect for you.


Noppies has been an expert in maternity and nursing clothing for 30 years. Noppies designs, develops and sells clothing that makes pregnant women happy. When your regular clothes start to get tight, the Noppies collection offers support and comfort, without you having to make concessions to your personal style.

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Be an #socialmom, #workingmom or a #datenightmom!When are you truly yourself? Dancing at your favourite music festival, surrounded by your best friends? All dressed up for date night? Or are you truly yourself hanging out on the sofa with a book and a cup of tea, or when you’re running on adrenaline because your work agenda is piling up and you’re crossing one to-do item after another off of your list? With the Supermom maternity collection you can keep your unique style and identity. You do you!

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Style and comfort merge in the extensive maternity clothing collection by Esprit. From a festive dress that steals the show to a silky soft cardigan. At Esprit you’ll find a perfect outfit for every occasion.

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