New York The City Of Dreams

Welcome to the updated Noppies website! As a brand new mommy to be, I love sharing my experiences with you here every month. Because let’s be honest, so much changes and happens the minute your test is positive!

During a short trip to New York, I suddenly got the feeling it could really be happening this time. I don’t know why, sure I had painful breasts and a strong craving for chocolate, but every woman knows it’s easy to fool yourself... I had experienced these symptoms before, so there was actually no basis, but you’re still hopeful and think, who knows, this could really be it.

After being a day late, I bought a test from a pharmacy. I always find that such an awkward moment. When the cashier swipes that thing across the scanner, you can almost hear her thinking and you feel like a teenager buying condoms on the quiet again. This lady actually said 'I hope the test brings you what you want'. I stuttered something polite back and left the store as quickly as possible.

The next morning, we naturally awoke at 05:00 because of the jet lag and the excitement and I did the test immediately as I wiped the sleep out of my eyes. After 3 seconds (instead of 3 minutes!!) I could not stand it any longer and when I saw the test was positive, I burst into tears. How lucky, yes!! After half an hour of crying and cuddling, we immediately started fantasising and thinking about everything we had to do and organise and of course, what I was no longer allowed to eat and drink. As a foodie and blogger, I can tell you that’s rather a nuisance...

New York, the city of dreams. For us, this city will always be special because this is where our greatest wish came true.

Once back in the Netherlands, I walked around for weeks with my little secret, I had to reschedule appointments, try to get out of meals and was suddenly confronted with a great deal of 'fussing'. However, once those 12 weeks had finally passed and I had a positive ultrasound scan, I could shout it from the rooftops! Wonderful to see how everyone responds and the kind of emotions it generates in other people too.

I was happier than ever from the moment I knew I was pregnant. Although you naturally also experience a number of fears, uncertainties and worries. I have been fortunate to have an entirely worry-free pregnancy (up until now). No niggles, no aches and pains, no morning sickness. 'Enjoy your pregnancy' everyone shouts out, whether appropriate or not. But how do you do that? Yes, I am happier than ever and yes, I eat chocolate every day and it’s a treat, but your life simply goes on and everything happens so quickly, how on earth are you supposed to enjoy your pregnancy?

I think my little moments of bliss are the brief moments I sit on the balcony in the sun waiting for my appointment and feel her kicking and turning. Or when I wake up before the alarm goes off and she starts moving. Those special little moments that only she and I share.

I am now 32 weeks pregnant and the end is almost in sight. I have already bought most things and her room is the best room in the whole house, but I actually still need to buy and do a great deal.

For my non-pregnant self, I know exactly which shops to go to, which websites I can order things from and which brands I need, but I am still an absolute novice in terms of 'mommy fashion' and appealing baby brands. I discovered Noppies by chance when I was looking for maternity sportswear. I was unable to find leggings or trousers anywhere that I could still fit into with my big belly. So irritating! I still exercise about 2 or 3 times a week (at a moderate pace, not fanatically), but a good sports outfit with appropriate support is very important. After evenings spent googling, I stumbled upon the Noppies website by accident and I saw they had special maternity leggings in an attractive print and appealing style. I purchased an outfit and still regret every day that I did not find the site sooner. What a find! Exercising is so much more relaxing and fun now, I am very happy!

Next week, we are going to Barcelona on our last 'babymoon', time to check whether I can still get into my old bikinis...

Love, Rebecca