Autumn has arrived. It’s the season of wind, cold and rain, but also of bright sunny days and fun times spent in the forest or on the beach. In short: never mind the weather this autumn, it is time for a warm coat!

Of course a (winter) coat design should be nice to look at, but I also have functional requirements:

• A hood against the rain
• A comfy fit
• Easy to put on and take off (without the kids needing help at school)
• Cuffs on the sleeves to keep the wind out

Noppies always offers an extensive collection of winter coats and this year is no exception. That meant it did not take long for us to find the perfect coats for our kids. Each kid now has a coat that is beautiful as well as functional. The perfect combination!

For our boys we have chosen the Blaine coat, one in Camel and one in Dark Blue. The teddy lining and hood complete the coat. The first thing they said when they put them on was: ‘Wow, how COOL are we!’

De noppies kinderjassen zijn binnen

The girls will be wearing a Brea in Dark Blue and Rose this year, and how incredibly warm they are! A coat they will definitely not get cold in this winter!

To really get in the mood for autumn we went to the forest this week… Looking for chestnuts and acorns and building huts. After an hour, the kids were tired of discovering and lugging branches, so – with their extra large coat pockets full of forest treasures – we went home. These extra large pockets are particularly appreciated by my sons, by the way. There is nothing they enjoy more than having fun playing outside and looking for stones, chestnuts and twigs. And they take it all home with them.

It always takes some time to get used to the cold again. The doors leading into the garden stay closed during the day and warm jumpers find their way out of the wardrobe. I must confess: I am very sensitive to the cold, but then again it is also a time of cosy evenings at home. The curtains drawn, huddled together on the couch, scented candles, lighting a fire in the fireplace… The Christmas decorations are in the shops again, so we say, ‘Goodbye sun, hello Christmas tree!’

See you next month!