What stunning dress to wear during the holidays? Pregnant or not, this will certainly be on your mind. In addition to all gifts, decorations and shopping you have to take care of, a new outfit is also a must-have item, surely? Being busy preparing for the arrival of your baby, your own new outfit may have slipped your mind. One look at your pregnancy wardrobe is enough to discover that your comfy maternity jeans may make you feel a little underdressed between sequin dresses and bow ties. 

We can hear you think: dear me, but what should I wear? In a split second you see yourself arriving at the dinner table in an uncomfortable dress and tights that are much too… well, tight! A second later, you will probably be online impatiently searching for that one stunning dress you will celebrate the holidays in.


Classic colours

Classic colours black and burgundy stand out in the party collection by Esprit for mums.  Simple elegance, but designed to be an eye catcher with a mix of material and stylish details. The high waist beautifully accentuates your pregnant belly and the elastic fabric allows enough room for growth.

Festive and functional

You may not have noticed it at first, but the trendy maternity dresses with crop top have a secret nursing feature. This allows you to easily and discretely breastfeed your baby, even when you are in good company during the holidays. If you are still pregnant, probably no one will notice this convenient feature, because it also creates a beautiful high maternity waist.

The finishing touch

OK, just one problem left to tackle; tights that are much too tight. No matter which size you buy ‘regular’ tights in, the band is just not wide enough to fit well at the waist and to prevent visible lines. Complete your festive maternity outfit with one of these tights. Seamless and with extra support for you and your baby.