Extra advice about our Noppies Baby Comfort collection!

Sometimes you just want to be able to see all the specs of a product in one handy overview! Surely you’ve got more than enough to arrange already? We will provide you with answers to all of your questions in our advice guides:

  • Why am I buying this for my baby?
  • What makes this so handy?
  • Which size will we need?
  • Why should I opt for a sustainable product?
  • So how do those TOG values work again?

Noppies Baby Comfort footmuff advice guide

Warm, soft, functional & incredibly handy for when you're out and about with your baby. A footmuff has been especially designed to keep your little one at the right temperature in the car or outdoors. The Noppies Baby Comfort footmuff boasts a number of handy features and is suitable for all 3 and 3/5 point seatbelts.

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Noppies Baby Comfort sleeping bag advice guide

Allow your little one to dream away in a Noppies Baby Comfort sleeping bag! Soft, functional, with a TOG value and also incredibly handy for when you’re out and about with your baby. A sleeping bag will feel a little bit safer now your baby is starting to move around a little more. The perfect time! Time to go and get one and these are your options!

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