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Washing baby clothes



When you first get pregnant, it may sound very odd indeed but during your maternity leave, you will almost certainly love washing, folding and laying out your baby's clothes in the cupboard. You just want your little one to arrive! But why should baby clothes be washed before baby wears them and what's the best way to wash them? Noppies provides information and tips so that your baby is protected and your baby clothes stay looking lovely for as long as possible!



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Why wash baby clothes before they are worn?

The skin of a baby is very soft and sensitive. There is very good reason for there being masses of skincare products on the market, specifically for babies. After birth, baby’s skin is not yet fully developed and is thinner than ordinary, adult skin. Your baby's skin is also more susceptible to irritations and bacteria. 

Baby clothes come into direct contact with baby's delicate skin. And new baby clothes may contain substances that could irritate baby's skin. These substances are used during the production process and are washed away during the first wash. That is why it important to wash them before putting them on your baby. You then prevent any skin irritations.


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What detergent should I use?

You have to treat new baby clothes slightly differently to your regular wash. During the washing process, you should be aware of the sensitivity of your baby's skin. So use an anti-allergy detergent, for example, without a fragrance. This is a pH-neutral detergent and will have been dermatologically tested. Your baby could have an allergic reaction to 'normal' detergent and that should, of course, be avoided.

Can I use softener?

We understand that you'd like to have the very softest clothing for your baby but you are usually advised not to use softener as it contains a great deal of perfume and other irritating substance. 

Noppies newborn clothes are made of the softest materials and will remain beautifully soft, even after washing without softener. If you want to use a softener anyway? Then use a softener that has been specifically developed for sensitive baby skin.

How do I go about washing baby clothes?

You will probably have a wide range of baby clothes tucked away in your drawers and cupboards. Where do you start, when it comes to washing? We recommend that you wash in bundles of colours, just as you would wash regular clothes. You can then select the appropriate programme. You may have a few woollen items that need to be washed on a delicates programme. Is your washing done? Then hang it up to give it freshness!