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Be an #socialmom, #workingmom or a #datenightmom!
When are you truly yourself? Dancing at your favourite festival, surrounded by your besties? All dressed up, sipping cocktails with your guy? Or are you the best version of yourself if your (work) schedule is filled to the brim with meetings and deadlines? Now that you are pregnant, you can – naturally – simply retain your unique style and identity. You will still be you! Whether you have a party, date or business opportunity planned – with the new maternity collection by Supermom you do not have to compromise on your own unique style.

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What do you and your girls do best? Party? Then this new collection is the one for you. Because, pregnant or not – every party starts with piecing together the perfect outfit. You can rest assured, for instance, that you will look great in the black jumpsuit from our new collection. But you can also make a statement with the basic shirts you are buying now. Our favourite party outfit? How about a chequered blouse that not only beautifully highlights your belly area, but also shows off your legs? Steal the show in this ideal outfit. Hey #Supermom, let’s party like you always do!

Let’s fall in love (all over again)… Is #datenight your favourite night of the week too? Or do you and your love like to cosy up at home? It’s time to not only surprise your significant other with a night to remember forever, but also with a look that ensures he cannot take his eyes off you. Because let’s be honest – now that you are pregnant, you have never looked more feminine. Spice things up with the sexy pencil skirt from our new collection, the black dress with see-through fabric, or the Supermom sparkling dress that beautifully accentuates your curves.

Are you always "on"? In other words: do you rush from a meeting to a lunch appointment and then a dinner date and still find time at night to answer the odd email? You go, ambitious girl! The new Supermom collection perfectly fits your busy lifestyle. Although you may need to turn it down a notch now that you are pregnant, "sitting still" is not in your vocabulary. Be inspired by our new collection and score the comfy outfit that is perfectly suited for a busy day. From comfortable jeans and a classy stretch dress to a cardigan made of the most beautiful material – which look fits you?

About Supermom
Supermom is the go to label for every fashion-conscious woman who wants to look as fashionable during her pregnancy as she did before. Would you describe your style as daring to be different and trendy? The Supermom collection comprises designs that are completely on trend.The distinctive colour combinations and unique details provide a clear signature for each item. Because Supermom thinks it is important that no woman should have to compromise on style during her pregnancy. The Supermom collection ensures that every ambitious mum to be looks extra stylish during her pregnancy.