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It may not be the first thing you think of, but it’s certainly one of the must-have outfits for your pregnancy wardrobe. The further along you are in your pregnancy, the more excited you get about not only including items for your baby in your hospital bag, but also adding a clean and smart outfit for yourself. It goes without saying it would be more than welcome if those items also offer the comfort you need during that time. The latest Esprit for mums collection is designed to allow for the changes your body goes through, but also offers the comfort you need after your baby is born.  

The convenient features:

Nursing clips
Release the strap clip for easy breastfeeding 
Low rise waistband
The trousers sit comfortably below the belly during your pregnancy, but keep their shape after your baby is born. 


Button fastening and
incorporated top 
Open the buttons at the neckline and slightly lift your incorporated top


  • esprit essentials

Experience shows that most women discover the comfort of this additional nursing feature after their baby is born. An extra outfit is more than just a simple luxury when you keep breastfeeding your baby. In order to add to your current wardrobe, Esprit for mums has a wide collection of nursing shirts and trousers available for perfect mix & match combinations. Create your personal set in a style that suits you. 


Swimming is one of those exercises you can enjoy well into your pregnancy. It strengthens your back, arms en leg muscles, the risk of injury is minimal and even when you are pregnant moving around in water is free and easy. It stands to reason that your body changes and most women like to keep their bellies covered. That is why a swimsuit or a tankini is a good option. 

  • esprit essentials

Are you considering taking your little one to baby swimming classes after your pregnancy? You can simply dig the Esprit for mums swimwear out of your closet again. The pleats on both sides allow for growth, but also ensure a perfect fit after your baby is born.   

  • esprit essentials

Comfy trousers

Whichever way you look at it, a lovely outfit is created with comfy trousers. The latest Esprit for mums collection includes trousers in all types and sizes. Comfy trousers with a jersey belly band offer extra support during your pregnancy, but can also be worn afterwards with the belly band folded down. If you opt for trousers with a low rise waistband, the fit keeps its shape both during your pregnancy and after.