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This is the first diary entry I am going to share with you every month! I’ll tell you a little about what our month was like and what we got up to!

First of all, I want to tell you about our family…
I am Vicky and my boyfriend Benny and I have 4 children! Roos has just turned 7, Saar is 5 and our twins Mees and Daan are 4. A busy family as you can imagine, with loads of laundry and the clothes that go with it! 

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They’ve already played and walked outdoors a great deal this month… we’ve had such lovely weather! Sun, Sea and Surf is a favourite with all of us, and playing with the kids from the neighbourhood is daily fare for the children.

It was Roos’s birthday last month and it was a big celebration… your kid’s birthday will always be special. Somehow, it always makes me a bit sentimental, because it makes me sad that they wake up a year older than they were when they went to bed. Days such as these often make you realise that time goes so quickly and that they are only young for a very short time. I remember them being born and us becoming a mum and dad for the first time as if it happened yesterday. 


In the beginning, I always wrote them a letter on their birthday and put it in their suitcase of memories… in recent years, I have been doing it all year round and I write on the back of the drawings they bring home from school so they can read these when they’re older. Often, it is the tiny details you so easily forget that I write down…

Okay…pfff…that’s enough sentimental wittering for today …. ;)

This is the time most people get away for a while and need to start packing! We’ve been going to France in recent years and we enjoyed it so much, we are heading in that direction again this year! We did have 2 days of bad weather last year, and I didn’t pack entirely appropriately. Shorts, dresses, swimsuits, swimming shorts, clean underwear, socks, etc. etc…

However, when it rains, shorts are actually quite chilly and those long trousers would have come in very handy! I also packed too few socks…and no jumpers, only a cardigan. But fine… there was no need to panic, we were on holiday, after all!

This year, we are taking some pretty pieces from the new Noppies collection and if the weather is bad, they certainly won’t be cold! 

Roos and Saar are completely in love with the reversible dress… going to school the morning wearing stripes and switching to a different print after gym class… is actually very handy for the ladies, as they often come home with their clothes on inside out after gym class anyway! But now, it’s time for our holiday!

Enjoy the summer holidays and see you next month!

XXX Vicky

Vicky // Circusbeer

Vicky - mother of 4 - offers a glimpse into her busy family life every day in her Circusbeer Instagram. She has two girls and two boys with her boyfriend Benny. Roos is 7 years old, Saar is 5 and twins Mees and Daan are 4 years old. It’s for good reason that Vicky was rated “Best Instagrammer” of the year. Thanks to her passion for photography and her stylish children, Circusbeer’s instagram feed is a true source of inspiration.

Instagram: @circusbeerphotography