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Maternity shirts

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Looking for a maternity shirt? Noppies has a wide range of comfortable long-sleeves with a great fit. These maternity shirts have been designed to provide the perfect fit throughout your pregnancy. Endless combinations from month one to nine.

Noppies maternity shirts

From must-haves to the perfect basics, Noppies' maternity shirts are designed to suit every moment of every day. They look amazing and some have additional trendy detailing or accentuate the waist. Wear it under a blazer, a warm cardigan or combine with jeans for a casual look.

Long-sleeves can be worn in spring or winter. If it's still chilly outside, wear it under a cardigan for a bit of extra warmth. In spring wear a long-sleeve with accessories to create a stylish look at the flick of a wrist. Noppies maternity shirts are available in sizes xs, x, m, l, xl and xxl.

There's a perfect shirt for every style. From round neck and v-neck to boat-neck. And choose a tailored fit or something a little looser. For Noppies, it is important that you feel comfortable in a style that suits you. 

Maternity shirts sizes

With Noppies, you can simply continue to wear your regular size. All of the items from the Noppies collections, Esprit for mums or Supermom are designed to be a perfect fit from month one to nine. If you're still not sure, a sizing table is available for each maternity shirt. You can check quickly and easily to make sure you have the right size.

If you have any questions about one of our maternity shirts or your items, please feel free to contact Noppies' friendly service department. They are available on working days from 09.00 to 18.00.