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Denim - the latest keylooks

It won’t be long before little Morris celebrates his very first birthday! Unbelievable how fast this first year went by – and how true all clichés are. I remember the day he was born and the first time we met like it was yesterday and now – just like that – almost 365 days have past! Mind-boggling! Watching your own child develop is truly one of the most amazing things I can imagine. That tiny helpless bundle of joy of almost a year ago is now a hunk in the making who can walk if he holds my hand, ‘tells’ me all about the wonders he encounters and waves and smiles at the whole world and to me that is just awesome to see. That interaction is really priceless. 

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Last summer, Morris was too small to really be aware of it, but now I’m so happy it’s spring again and we can go out together. We live near a beautiful park with a playground and ever since Morris discovered the joys of swings and slides we are there as soon as the sun comes out. Morris is a super active little man; sitting still (and hugging mummy – sigh!) is really not what he is interested in. As soon as he sees the playground he crows with pleasure and once we are actually there he does not rest until he has been on the swing and slide so long even I have lost track of time. 

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He is enjoying himself, so I am enjoying myself – that’s how it works. And it’s important to me that he wears clothes that have a perfect fit and are comfy. Now that he is on the move almost constantly, his clothes have to be soft on his skin, they have to be of good quality and not restrict him in any way! And secretly I do think it’s fun that Morris’ outfit and mine kind of match. And so what if we are mum and son, why not? Lovely denims and stripes are ideal and fun for both of us. Ever since Morris was born, I have been a Noppies fan and that has not changed. A year ago I absolutely adored the super soft baby growsuits that are still beautiful even if you have washed them a dozen times – all ready for baby number two to wear! But now I am very pleased with the soft trousers in denim look. Their long legs and adjustable elastic waistband ensure they will not be too small anytime soon and that is more than welcome if children grow very fast. I have now also discovered Noppies maternity clothes myself and I really appreciate the comfy fit of really good maternity trousers. During my first pregnancy I thought I knew it all and never needed advice, but what a wonderful feeling if trousers do not slip down, the belly band is not too tight but beautifully fits around your belly and the trousers do not sag after you have worn them a few times. A definite must-have item, even after countless times down the slide ;). 

Enjoy spring and till next time!

Love, Michelle




  • zwanger in het voorjaar
  • zwanger in het voorjaar

Hi! I’m Michelle, 23 and married to Koen, mum of Morris (05-05-2016) and almost 20 weeks pregnant with our second child; a son again! I have a part-time job, my little brother and I own a company together and I very much enjoy writing my own blog on www.bijzonderkleinwonder.nl and now also for Noppies!