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Isabella’s favourite Denims

  • Isabella

You may know Isabella Machine from her Instagram account, in which she takes her followers along on her healthy lifestyle. Isabella is crazy about everything that  is good for the planet we live on. Now that she is pregnant, making sustainable choices is even more important to her, also when it comes to her wardrobe. Her favourite Denims? Check it out!

What are you looking for in the perfect jeans?
‘For me the fit is essential. It is important to me that the style of the jeans ensures my legs look longer and my buttocks are not flattened, but are perfectly shaped. But that is certainly not the only thing I am looking for. Now that I am pregnant, I value the way my clothes are produced even more. That is why Skinny Avi jeans in Committed quality are perfectly suited, because these Denims are produced sustainably. The Ozone Washing technique ensures hardly or not any water is used during production, which gives me an extra wonderful feeling when I am wearing these Denims.’

Quote: ‘I want to look in the mirror and think: Yes, this is me!’

What else are you looking for?
‘Now that I am pregnant, comfort is essential. I do not want any restricting elements in the trousers. The fabric has to be soft and supple for a comfy fit and it has to allow for easy dressing and changing. Putting them on is becoming  quite a challenge now that my belly has grown so much. In addition, I want to be able to be myself as soon as I put them on. I want to look in the mirror and think: Yes, this is me!’

How do you combine Skinny Avi?
‘Comfort is key, especially now that I am pregnant. That is why I combine these trousers with cool sneakers. During the day, I match the Denims with a nice comfy jumper or over-sized cardigan. In the evening, Skinny Avi  goes well with a stylish blouse or a festive top.’